Starcraft II Technical Support
Given up on the Starter Edition of WoW which has now been 'Waiting' to download for two days. I can't ask for support on that forum since I am not allowed to post until I have a character. What a load of crap!
Not sure if you want help, but in case I'm misinterpreting your post, here are a few suggestions that might help.

1. Exit the Blizzard app, go to Task Manager and kill all Update Agent processes, then restart the Blizzard app.

2. Follow the basic and advanced troubleshooting steps here:

3. Contact support directly. You can setup a phone callback, but if that's not convenient, you can also submit a web ticket or start a live chat. They'll be happy to help (see link below).

Contact Support - Install or Patch Problem

Good luck, MrHappy!

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