StarCraft: Remastered - 1.20.1

StarCraft Remastered
Greetings Executors, Cerebrates, and Commanders,

1.20.1 has arrived. We are continuing to address server and web interface in parallel. We will make posts when those fixes go out as well.

Specific Changes & Improvements
  • Revoked Zerg disappearing act; burrow holes now stand out better on dark tilesets

Bug Fixes
  • The HDs are available on start up for players with Remastered (one exception; see Known Issues)
  • Players will no longer hallucinate that the death animation of hallucinated units is offset… mirages are tricky
  • Options have been convinced to stop reverting to their default state
  • Interstitial sound effects have found their voice

Server Updates
  • General optimization and performance improvements based on live data
  • Improved matchmaking processing to reduce game results being dropped

Known Issues
  • Running from a desktop shortcut will start in SD (use F5 or Options to switch to HD), will be fixed in next patch
  • Resolving matchmaking fails - have a solution in test

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