Anti cheat detection tool for arcade maps?

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Hello, I'm a member from an arcade community map, the map in question is Zealot Hockey.

We have a small community that formed a competitive scene. The game involves left click and right click as some of the main controls.

We want to have a clean competitive environment without AC (autoclicker), auto left click steal, macros, combo clicks, alternative binds or any other shenanigans.

The only way we have right now to check if a player is cheating is going in the replay and carefully checking every action the player does which is 9/10 useless unless it's very obvious.

We know as a fact that cheating is very possible in this arcade map and we want to put an end to it or have something to control the situation, if anyone knows any tool to help us catch the felons, help would be greatly appreciated.
The map can measure player APM, and automatically kick anyone over 600 or some other high value. (obvious AutoClicker)

For the other issues, I've got nothing.

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