How many HTs do I need

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I wondered, how many HTs are needed in an average 200/200 army (mainly when playing vs terran marine-marauder-viking). Obviously it varies with other factors, but I wanted to know arround how many should I have.
All the templar. ALL OF THEM HILLNOR.
2 supply per HT means I can have 100, will be troublesome getting rid of all probes to make my HT army.
but.... just think of all the storms :D
Yeah, but storm dmg doesn't stack, HTs are not exactly good at holding dmg and I can't rabuild with no workers.

Anyways, the greatest problem is... what do I do if i missclick 100 times and make all my HTs Archons?
I'm starting to feel like between 4 - 6 HT's is cost efficient enough for the utility they provide. 3 good Storms in a fight usually lead to ending the game.
Pro will use between 4 to 6ht in a max army
I've won a match before at 19 supply vs 136 enemy supply.
4 DT's is what did it.

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