Several bugs using /w and /f a, f l commands

Starcraft Remastered Technical Support
I use SC:Remastered and i have Many bugs on
1) If anyone messages me using /w command I dont se that message and that who messages me see only text saying "Invalid user"!

2) nobody cant add me as friend using /f a command butterfly i can add them.

3) viewing peoples profiles dont work properly and games win/lose stats updates only after i reboot the hame.

Pls help
Hi there GardenofLucK,

It seems that all three of your issues are related to the same issue, you may be logging into the wrong region on the Blizzard Battlenet app. It's easy to fix though:

1) Click the Battlenet logo on the app and select 'Log out'
2) On the login panel, change the region to EU
3) Log in again!

If your friends are all playing on the EU region you should now have no trouble seeing profiles, receiving whispers or adding friends.
If they still see problems though, get them to check which region they're logged in with as well.

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I'ts not working on EU region. So the problem "logging on the wrong region" is not the aswer.

If i use /f a *playername* on EU region chat in order to add a friend who is also playing EU. It doesnt work

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