Your Ideas how to make sc2 popular again?!

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What you think would help sc2 to grow community?
Balance it, make it fair, not frustrating, give many viable strategies, get rid of gimmicks
Well if they would actually start balancing, instead of randomly change things and mass buff Zerg, it would be maybe popular again.
But as long as the balancer team didn't even play with sc2 at all...
Make game less punishing, small mistakes shouldn't put you at big disadvantage. Tone down harass it is too powerful. Simply make game a bit more forgiving.
Maybe make smaller maps? The maps are way too large for my liking.
adverticing could attract new players.
Well blizzard is trying to balance the game,
Maybe this will help!
Better contrast to MMR abuse.
In my opinion smurfs are a more serious issue than imbalance until diamond.
Gameplay that are more friendly to new players. Exact opposite LOTV done. And matchmaking that work. Especially in team games.
Make the modding scene like that for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Insert a custom campaign section, create an easy use mode for the Galaxy Editor and so on.
i agree that the starraft 2 editor is too compliated so something should be done. you could respond to my topics about it in the custom section.
Good question and a very relevant question, which I've thought about for a long while.

My simple answer is: SC2 is too hard atm. Make it more noob-friendly. Make it much less "difficult" and easy for noobs to come into and play at a very basic level. Every unit doesnt need a "spell" such that players like iNnovation can show the whole world how brilliant micro they have - players like iNnovation will dominate anyway, even with A-move units...

More noobs -> More eSport watchers -> Bigger price money -> More tournaments -> More fruitful pro scene [look at LoL, DotA 2, Overwatch, etc.].

Pro players will always, ALWAYS, find ways to play the game better than anyone else anyway. You dont need to make the game overly complicated with basically every unit having an "ability", or the game being so punishing for micro mistakes.

Take me as an example. In WoL, I played a lot, was high plat/low dia level at best. I am working full time. I dont have time to invest so much into playing a game anymore. I would love to come home and just play a few ladder games and then relax. But I don't. Why? Take so much effort to play the game at a minimum level... Jeez, I need to multi task so hard, micro really carefully since all units have abilities almost, and think about harass, drops, cheese, scout, counter enemies units, damn man I am overwhelmed. Im just a simple guy who wants to have some fun, not do all of that just to get a basic level of gameplay! What happens is that I turn on another game that is "easier" (which in my case would be LoL or Overwatch).

Concrete suggestions
- Less spellcaster units, more A-move
- Make it easier to defend (players like me cannot handle too much multi tasking)
- Make the game less punishing
- Make ladder stats resetable

Good Example: what LoL is doing right
LoL has tons of "noobs" (like me) playing in lower leagues (mine would be Gold). And it has different layers of skill where more details start mattering. Like, there is a huge difference between a Gold and Diamond player. Yet, the heroes are fairly simple to use. Its easy to get into using a support, or even mid Malzahar, or an ADC Twitch. Yet, look at a pro player like e.g. Faker, he dominates everyone in mechanics, nobody can play Mid like he does. But noobs like me can still play Mid at a fairly normal level and have fun.
they could add upgrades that boost defenses. for example a range upgrade and a speed upgrade. the zerg in particular have very slow defenses.
Besides huge $$ for advertisements and serious arguments.

All potential playerbase is on moba & OverWatch and SC2 require too much training early on for having them switch.

I say a really good Team-Map could be good.
Like you are playing the original races (or else it's a whole another game) but with some objectives, some static D allowing Team-games enjoyable
I suspect team games are even badder when you go on lower leagues, so people who thought to progress by playing them leave the game at the end because they are'nt really good or fun

But a map fixing this with matchmaking & some advertising could do a nice boost to the playerbase, but as most people i can't see SC2 become again anywhere close to mainstream.

The best things would be Warcraft 4 :p
I think sc2 should be shown out of community, so you don't need to change the game, you just need to show everyone that the game exists, you need to show how awsome it is and what real life skills it developes. GL HF!
Blizzard doing some advertisment! <3
nerf carriers.
The true issue with SC2 is that is a RTS, this is a type of game which has basically killed himself after WC3 by making DotA, because it is not a easy type of game to play, so most of the "newbies" go play at Moba or FPS, SC2 is basically the last current big RTS supported by his box(C&C is dead, just as BFME (magic of EA), Dow 3 failed because the devs made a RTS-MOBA nobody want, warcraft 4 is waiting for the death of WoW and AoE 4 has only be announced nothing else).

But with SC2 Blizzard had really go far to the non-noob friendly thing. WoL wasn't already a simple game, and each extension made it harder by adding new micro-things like widow mines, viper or liberator or accelerating the eco system, which force you to take a new expansion every minute. The game is extremely rigid because every things are about timing and multitasking.
in addition SC2 is a RTS with no hero system like BFME, DoW or even Warcraft 3, and a mass unit sytem where there is no real survivability, so you have to constantly remake troops because you can loose everything in the blink of an eye.

Everything Blizzard have done is to create a more E-Sport game and they succeed, so now the high level players make great matches very cool to watch, but the low level and new players struggle a lot, so if they want to win quickly, without the long training phase, they make cheese and ruin the low tier ladder (and the fun of other players).

So in order to fix that, Blizzard have to make the game easier to play and they have started to doing it, by adding more resources by base, or adding the repair drone on the ravens, removing the mother-ship core or making widow mines visible while reloading...
i just hope they continue this way.

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