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Installed Starcraft 2 now on my new computer, and when I logged in after not playing for a while.. All my commanders are level 0?
Sounds like an display bug, I am fairly certain that all commanders start at level 1.

Try relogging then check again.
Hey Mrcookie,
If this is still an issue you can also try reinstalling the Blizzard app, that often corrects the issue.

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often when I log in I have inappropriate level on all commanders. I tought it's just a display problem, but when I launched the game with nova "level 2" it was actually level 2, I had features disabled.
I have level over 150.
Game is getting more and more buggy. Shame.
it seems to be affecting newer accounts only. i have never experienced it on my 9 year old account. i got starcraft 2 in 2010.
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