"Essential" Protoss build orders.

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So as a total noob, I'm practicing the Beginner Protoss Opening that PiG explain in one of his dailies.
But I was wondering what are some "essential" builds/openings that a Protoss player should know.
Basicelly what I'm looking for is a few basic builds that I should learn before anything else, because when I look on the Spawning Tool, there's so much builds and I don't know where to begin.

Thanks in advance!

(Edit): Thinking of it, I'd be asking the same for Terran and Zerg as well, as I think I should learn at least the basics of the three races.
nexus first!
Maybe I'm a bit late, but I'll say it anyways. Here is the video I sued to learn how to play protoss, probably not the best guide, but it sure is good enough to start:


He has also videos for zerg and Terran, he mainly focuses on how to build into lategame. Trying to win in early when being low rating will just end up being worse to you, since you won't be able to go into late if he can fight your early, while learning how to go to late while defending an enemy's early fights will work at any rating below plat (or that they say, I've never gone above Gold). I'm not saying that playing an early build and beating your enemy with it is bad, I'm just saying that if you do it everytime, you'll never learn how to play against enemies that can survive to it.

PS: In the second part of the video he uses that same build in a plat game, so it probably works.

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