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This post was made because of the disappearance of the 'Zombie World: Legacy' map from the Arcade. I am a returning player to SCII Arcade and the Zombie World maps and did not know what was going on. A lot of players (including me) are very sad to see the map be deleted without any notice or explanation.

Following the reviews section of the remaining maps, it seems that the community around the Zombie World Arcade maps (Zombie World: Original, Zombie World and Zombie World: Legacy) is in an uproar right now, with players taking sides and reporting others left and right.

From what I could gather from the posts is that 'Zombie World: Legacy' was a remake of 'Zombie World' and the latter is a remake of 'Zombie World: Original'. It seems that 'Zombie World: Legacy' has been banned for being a "stolen copy", although the details on how and why are not very clear.
What can I do if in the game zombie world unity test, all the deaths were erased?

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