i keep getting miner evacuation

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every time i choose kerrigan i get miner evacuation. it is impossible to win without dehaka or abathur because other hero units is not available until the ships start getting destroyed. abathur`s roaches can handle the infested while dehaka becomes available sooner. i have now gotten miner evacuation 4 times in a row.
Really? You should be able to handle the first 2 ships with just Keriggan. And then use hydras and lurkers.
There are plenty of youtube videos to help you out.
she is not available until after the first ship is destroyed because they changed the timers on the ships. you said nothing during the game.
Ive honestly not played Kerrigan on that map for a while, thought the best way I can think of to hold that map is to hold the line with Zerglings initially til Kerrigan comes out then when possible get berserker Hydralisks for the second and third ship to eliminate Infested while eliminating Abberations with Kerrigan.
28/10/2017 14:38Posted by andreasasp
i have now gotten miner evacuation 4 times in a row.

Are you certain that you have not accidently switched from Random Mission to an spesific map?
i tried zerglings but i could not produce them fast enough to replace the ones that got slaughtered. i would never have selected that map so it have to be random. i checked it to be sure and it is set on random.
i got miner evacuation again and the ship got destroyed unopposed because i played with kerrigan.
miner evacuation should be removed from random map rotation. only dehaka and abathur can mobilise quickly enough and i never get miner evacuation with them. i lost last night, played one game today and then i lost on miner evacuation once more because neither player was dehaka or abathur.
Strange. I don't have similar issue. All heroes are born before the infested start to attack the 1st ship.

I agree with even Kerrigan alone can hold off at least the first ship. I think any commander can do it alone.

I don't get why would the game be different for certain people.
the issue is that they attak before kerrigan becoes available.
First of all, which difficulty are you talking about?
Every co-op commander is able to defend the first ship alone on hard difficulty, altough it's pretty difficult. As Kerrigan I'd probably rush hydralisks.
Also, any terran player should have enough time to build bunkers and fill them with marines.
hydralisks requires lair and then the first ship is already destroyed. not all terran comanders have bunkers and i have never gotten it as terran. only raynor and stukov have them. most hero units is unavailable until the first ship is destroyed with the exception of dehaka. abathur can rush roaches. i lose every time on casual because i get no hero units and i can only produce the first units before the first ship is destroyed, which gets slaughtered. the timer on the first ship is a mess.
What difficult are you playing?
I have played both brutal (PC) and hard (laptop) with kerrigan in that map. Keep the line using zerlings, until kerrigan is out. Expand creep and morph some spines.
Maybe you're struggling in general, as zerg (Kerrigan is similar to ladder zerg).
Make sure you have a queen out and spam larvae on your hatchery, so larvae production is up. Once you level up Kerrigan enough, your creep will boost your troops. Use that in your advantage.
Try to micro your zerlings as much as possible in earliest part of the game, so you don't lose too much and can hold the line (particularly against exploding infested). Even use some queens as defending units.
Anyways, if you think your hability is not enough, get 2 queens, expand creep, and build spines. That's enough for first. You should have one queen in hatchery, and the other with the spines, supporting and healing them if needed. After, move it to expansion once hatchery is done. And keep spamming zerlings!
i tried zerglings on casual and all got slaughtered. then the first ship got destroyed. i had no resources for queens.
You are doing something horribly wrong, all maps are do-able by all commanders, Kerrigan is fine, you are probably wasting too many resources too early
I find it quite easy to complete the mission with Kerrigan or Tychus. It doesn't has to be Dehaka or Abathur

Join me we can play it together
I think Kerrigan definitely has time to reach the first ship before it is destroyed...In fact, Kerrigan is one of the first tier commanders currently, judge on the performances. If you have trouble with Kerrigan on this map, I think you should have a problem with macro or micro or both.
But hey, it is totally fine, you just need to check some videos on Youtube, it will definitely help you out, and you will be improved.

PS: Some information I found on SC2 editor maybe provide more info, the first ship's panic launch timing is at 3:45, and zombies start to spawn after 1 min, it is 4:45, and Kerrigan is available at 4:00. Conclusion, Kerrigan can reach to first ship without any problems.
i tried kerrigan and the first ship got destroyed before she was ready. i tried spawning mass zerglings but, they were too weak to fight the infested.
14/03/2019 20:45Posted by andreasasp
i tried kerrigan and the first ship got destroyed before she was ready. i tried spawning mass zerglings but, they were too weak to fight the infested.

That can only happen if you force the launch. Kerrigan is born at 4 minutes. The infested start to head for the first ship between 4-5. minutes.

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