"not available while initializing game mode"

Starcraft II Technical Support
hi guys
for those who still has this probleme ''unable to initilaze game mode''
i think i have the ultimate fix here . i didnt play startcraft 2 since i downloaded it and that was almost a year ago now . but i started playing it like three days ago . anyway i dont think anyone wanna hear my story lol
so just follow this steps so its guarented cause thats how it worked for me
first launch the game from blizzard normaly
second : when the game is up . the first thing u do . go to the menu and select your region . cause probably there will be no region selected . u will se that
thrid : when u select u r region wait . dont do anything and dont select anything . your waiting stops when the main screen on starcraft 2 apears . wish is now the protoss champion picture and some annoucements . they have to appear . just wait for them . for me it takes around 3 to 5 minutes .
fourth : when they appear . the first thing u click on is custom . wish leads u to custom games . then wait for probably 1 min so the games appear . and the joing lobby button is clickable . so u just wait then when all are appeared . and the map of the lobby u wanna joing appears . click join lobby .
five : it will say at the bottom left ''joinning lobby'' and again u should wait xD.
so much waiting in this methode lol
anyway . wait for it till it says downloading . then it will download slowly it will take around 2 to 3 minutes
when its finished . u should be good to go .
six : try versus
1v1 games .first cheek the maps button if its clickable
then click it . and see if the 7 or 6 maps appears and not balck screen
if they appear then it's gg
u r good to go .
u might not believe this methode for the so much waiting that it has . but trust me . i tried everything in all the comments in every site . and nothing heppened . till i decided to try my own way . anyway i just wanna add that the waiting time might depend on your internet speed and your distance to the game server that u picked .
that's all
good luck
and have fun ^^

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