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Dear friends,
Some of you might know me from playing WOL and HOTS on the EU and NA ladder. Like most of you (so I assume) I was quite shocked logging in yesterday to find out that the WOL and HOTS ladders have been removed entirely. Until we remedy this catastrophy through protest (we shall stop at nothing) I am setting up a mailing list so we can all join a groups for the respective game on . I will provide details to the list shortly here and the group is called "HOTS WOL Players" on

Please join up so we can continue to play the game as we enjoy it in custom games. I think we should try to make the best of a bad situation.

To Blizzard and others asking what the big deal about the ladders removal is:

Some of us enjoy playing 2-3 hours of starcraft II on the weekend after a long workweek to relax. LOTV does not allow you to relax. I've played enough LOTV up to a high level to know that for me as a 34 year old the game is too taxing to really enjoy it like I have the previous editions. For my older brother or other friends I play with (in their late 40s) LOTV is entirely too taxing and intimidating. None of my closest Bnet friends have taken to it. Yes there is coop, but you know what, they haven't taken to that either. There were roughly about 50000 people still playing wol/hots and from one day to another their joy and passion has been stunted. There were some dudes playing 800 1v1 wings of liberty games per season, and they were serious about their ladder. I'm absolutely positive more people were playing HOTS/WOL than archon, yet archon remained.

I don't really care in what shape or form, whether its ranked or unranked or simply 1v1 and 2v2 but I ask you to reinstate Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm ladder in some way. Thank you.

Everyone in favor, pls bump accordingly.
WoL and HotS were my Love and my Passion! Its so so sad... tears falling.... pls try everything to bring them back!!
I want a same. We ask for map rotation for them and instead we don´t have MM anymore.
So dissapointed, I was playing a few games a week only on WOL, and now I can't.
Blizzard : please give us our ladder back !
What's wrong with LotV ladder?
WOL or HOTS for me is only enjoyable computer game! LOTV is more e-sport! But we have fun.

It is disaster to take WOL & HOTS away!
I wont play LOTV, please, bring WOL and HOTS back!
Supported. Have uninstalled game since last patch. I did give it a try but enjoyment just gone. Will re-install if there is a community playing WOL on Battlenet.
There are not a single word from blizzard so far. Not even on US forum. They just don´t care. F2p is a try to get more people to pay for commander and skins. New players will not buy announcers like TB or Day9.

Removing MM for WOL and HOTS are one of those change that will not be revert. Like removing FFA or dump old replays. For me SC2 go downhill since patch 3.0.

WOL and HOTS time was great but now its over. And probably not change that.
So good bye gg wp.
Any (official) reaction?
Nothing. It's so sad, I have about 50 people on my friendslist whom all played wol and hots teamgames. Now? They just play arcade and some custom. Not one of them has started playing lotv.

I've played about 100 games of lotv 2v2 over the last two weeks and every single game has involved some kind of rush. There's no macro games to be had in lotv teamgames, and if by chance you stumble upon one you realise you could have easily won had you just cheesed. It's simply not stimulating. For 10-25 games, ok but after I dont feel myself having the itch to play.

I played on 4 different accounts, leveled them up to master 1 so I've seen all the different metas between the leagues and all I've figured out that if I play 3 rax reaper 100% of the time I probably win 80% of games within 6 minutes. Everything else is a turkey shoot. I've lost games to low diamond pure oracle/carrier.

I also played my placements for 3,4s again, something i know many people cared a lot about in wol and hots. Especially wol had a about 30-50 players who sorely played wol 4v4. Those people are all disappointed. They're mostly russian and eastern european and dont speak enough english to come voice their opinions to blizzard.

Again, please give us our wol and hots matchmaking back. I dont care if its unranked or hidden somewhere in the arcade, but hundreds or even thousands of players simply enjoyed wol and hots so much more than lotv, and only a single digit percentile will pick up playing lotv instead of older expansions.
I haven't played SC2 since WoL back in 2011, but I heard that the multiplayer is Free to PLay now.

What is going on? Is the ladder split up between the different campaigns now? That seems stupid. Since it's free to play now, isn't the ladder unified now?
They recently banned me for Spamming/Trolling by creating a thread about how corrupt this company is.

I guess they got too much salt in their eye sockets.
27/11/2017 11:49Posted by Las
I haven't played SC2 since WoL back in 2011, but I heard that the multiplayer is Free to PLay now.

What is going on? Is the ladder split up between the different campaigns now? That seems stupid. Since it's free to play now, isn't the ladder unified now?
The ladder is unified now, no more wol or hots or lotv ladder. all in one now.
Why do you think the people here are complaining?
If you read the thread you would not ask this question.

To all the whiners here: play LotV or go to custom arcade.
Noone needs 3 different ladders in a game with declining popularity, WoL and HotS ladders got played by a minority, most were on LotV anyway.
It's much easier to get games now.
LOTV is garbage, gamplay is to kill probes and thats about it, who kills more probes win.
Bring WOL to ladder again plz!
Yeah thb, tired of playing "rush the drone game of Lotv", WOL and swarm was more intresting and far more challanging.
Whatever your name is (Russian?), !@#$, you have a LOT of Masters! 12 x 1v1 and 115 x Team Masters!!! :O

Im just happy im finally a full Diamond player this last year, and got 3v3 and 4v4 Masters this season :)

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