starcraft dropout with WerFault.exe

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using a Clevo RU57, slightly older gaming laptop - just put windows 7 SP1 on it because vista no longer supported. I used Easydrive to find all the latest drivers and installed them. Diablo III works so it's not a driver issue? I am trying to use the oldest version of starcraft 1 with it (it worked fine on this machine back in the day) - but now even that has to connect to battlenet and do some sort of "upgrade" that then prevents it from launching. You click on Play in the battlenet window - it says game launching.... then nothing happens (suspect it is the up connection to battlenet server) - but it doesn't hang around long enough for me to analyse it - Can see on taskmanager that Starcraft.exe pops up on the "processes" tab, quickly followed by WerFault.exe then Starcraft dissapears...then WerFault dissapears...then the "play" tab re-illuminates in the battlenet manager window. Any suggestions ?
Starcraft II is working on this same machine ! But not starcraft 1 ???
Hey BigBadMoo,

Werfault.exe is part of Windows itself, used for the Error Reporting Service. If this is causing trouble, please check for Windows updates.

In addition to the Windows updates, it would be a good idea to check for driver updates for your hardware components as well. You mentioned updating through Easydrive, but it is possible that this did not install correct/updated drivers which could be the cause of this error.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
Windows 7 is built on vista so all of the drivers you had in vista should be available in Windows 7. Windows update however should have up to date drivers.

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