A semi-pro getting into streaming.

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Hey, it's Ziggy here! It's all in the title - I'm trying to get into streaming. I'm a semi-professional SC player, who's been part of the scene since 2010. If you're looking for some top-gm action and a healthy dose of balance whine, I invite you to check out my twitch channel at twitch.tv/ziggypg - all you need to know about me and the stream is right underneath the video player.

Hope to see you there!

My streaming schedule:

All times in CEST
Monday 4PM-8PM StarCraft II
Tuesday 4PM-8PM StarCraft II
Wednesday 9PM-12PM Brood War
Thursday 6PM-10PM StarCraft II
Friday -
Saturday 4PM-9PM StarCraft II
Sunday 6PM-10PM Brood War

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