fan speed get super fast while playing the game online

Starcraft Remastered Technical Support
Every time I start a games on battle net. my computer fan speed increase so much until I can hear it loudly. I have new windows gaming Dell laptop computer with 4g video card, 16g ram and the newest i7 Intel processor. so this computer should handle SCR easily. during playing the windows task manager showing the GPU going up to 97 percent. I don't know if it is related to a fan speed.
I have the same problem on my other 2 old computers and also on my friend's mac-book.
can someone help me solve this issue? is someone having the same problem on his laptop?
the task manager monitors the cpu and not the gpu. 97% cpu usage however would cause the fan to run fast. you can set the processor down to less power through the power settings and then it will not produce so much heat. on the other hand it will not be as effective. you can set it all the way down to 1% and then it will produce very little heat but wether starcraft will work perfectly i can not tell you as i have not tested it.

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