Game exits after 1 minute of game

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Game keeps exiting. It doesn't give me an error messages or anything the whole game just exits about when I get my spawning pool done.

I haven't played for a while so I downloaded the new sc patch and windows patch today. I tried the EUD thing. I joined some random match where everything was in korean and the match ended about 5 seconds in to it. I noticed all my hotkeys had disappeared. No problem, I found the txt file for grid hotkeys online and set it up again. Now every time I try to play match the game Exits to the desktop with no error message right around my spawnin pool has finished.
Hey hirvee,

Let's start by using the Scan and Repair options, and see if that helps out.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
it is a bug that have existed since the game was new. when a map is saved enough times it starts to corrupt and causes crashes.

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