Very slow keyboard response

Starcraft Remastered Technical Support
Hi, I have a problem with very slow keyboard response. For example I cannot press 1a2a3a quickly, as only the first control group will move. I'm sure this is not a keyboard issue, as I tried on both laptop and external one and the issue is the same, while it does not occur when I play warcraft III e.g.
Please could you propose any solution to this problem that does not allow me to play comfortably at all?
unfortnately, this is a problem with your hardware being too weak. only solution is to get better hardware. maybe you can change settings to make the game require less but that i do not know.
Fortunately I am buying a new laptop in two weeks so let's hope it'll work then. But I'm surprised that SC:HD doesnt work properly when WCIII does with no problems even though WC is a newer game.
it does require more powerful hardware. i get scrolling lag on my asus Laptop in StarCraft remastered but not in warcraft 3. just to prove a point.

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