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Hello there,

I am a second year PhD student currently doing research into digital games and learning and am looking for volunteers to take part in a study about creativity and games. I would be very grateful to anyone who wishes to take part. If this has sparked your interest, read below!

Do you regularly play digital games?

The Open University in partnership with the Leverhulme Trust are seeking participants over the age of 18 who regularly play (3+ times per week) a range of different digital games– online, offline, on PC, console, mobile or any other digital medium.

Would you like to contribute to original research by talking about your gaming experience?

The study focuses on the role of player creativity in digital games. This can be anything from creating new tactics/ways of doing something, utilising glitches, and solving problems to creating mods, streaming and writing fanfiction – and much more.

The study consists of a brief recruitment survey (5-10 minutes) and a Skype interview (30-45 minutes) at a time of your choosing.

By taking part you will help us further research into how creativity is expressed in digital games, and how it may be utilised for learning.

As a thank you for participation we will offer you a £10 (or nearest international equivalent) Amazon voucher.

If you would like to take part or find out more, please complete the short recruitment survey at:

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