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Hello, I recently started playing SC2 and I was thinking about trying multiplayer.

However I'm a bit intimidated because even though I did play SC back in the day I did only against AI, and considering SC2 has been out for quite a while I'm sure the community at this point is pretty much full of veterans so there's maybe little to do even at the bottom of the pit.

So my question is: how good/bad is it? Has anyone been in a similar position recently and if so could you share your impressions? I see forums are not that active but anyways, no hurry (finishing Zerg campaign at the moment)

If you had ladder anxiety in the past you will probably have ladder anxiety now too.
The best way to find out, naturally is to just go and play and see for yourself. If you find it intimidating, I'd suggest you to try out co-op commanders mode.
Its 2 players playing versus 2 computers but with armies/buildings themed around your "commander".
I think you will never be GM or Masters. Maybe you will never even reach diamond.
Does this make you an idiot or an inferior human being?

I think this is the most important part. Try to embrace your losses. Try to appreciate the time someone else takes to teach you something.
I believe that playing Sc2 ranked/unranked matches and learning how to learn from losses can even help people with depression.

Would you like to get better at Starcraft 2?
If yes, just pick a race and start with the ranked matches.

Upload your replays so we can help you to the next level step by step.
Post the links on this thread or on a new thread on the US forums.

And remember to always write "gl hf" at the start and "gg wp" at the end.
You played well even if you lost a game in a terrible way. Period.

Don't forget to grab some food/drink before you start training.
If you start sweating at your armpit after some games, you did some decent workout! :-)

Good luck!
It's not easy for starters,but if you actually focus on learning something even from your losses,you'll start enjoying it more and you'll get better inevitably

Remember,losing is not a bad thing if you learnt something
I can see that you used some time on the campaigns, but if you really want to get into Ranked Play, then you better get a lot more games under your belt, than your current 14 Total Career Games ;)
Normally you will lose around 50% of your games. the most fun I had with the game was when I was analyzing my losses and I felt I got better because of it. I stopped analyzing after a few months because I had hit a wall in terms of my own speed. I just couldn't play any better. Also the addons introduced way too many units form y taste. When I stopped analyzing that I could only have fun when winning. Having fun only 50% of the time and being angry the other 50% isn't worth it.
game is unreal brutal for beginners. its just that you get so much income its honestly hard to keep up with the spending, its really weird. Compared to BW which had very slow intake but lots to do. Its weird.
First, welcome back to SC.

To be honest only you can aswer those questions for yourself, Sc is a really hard,complex, sometimes frustrating game, but that's also the reason why me and probably a lot of other people love it. Hop in to some 1v1 ranked games and after about 20-30 matches you'll face people with pretty similar skills no matter how "bad"/"good" you are.
I'm kind of in the same boat . I played quite a lot back in wol then quit the game for years(I was silver/gold back then) and I just got back about 1 week ago.
I was also a bit hesitant to play ranked for the same reason you mentioned, but now I'm on the edge of diamond with just 1 week of playing.
Fortunately the matchmaking system is quite good now, so don't be afraid to play it'll find your skill level pretty quickly.
Yes you are probably right about the "veterans" who never quit playing,they are probably atleast high diamond/masters now but since the game is free-to-play there are always new players and the league distribution is really even.

It's for you to decide if you're into competitive games, if you're the type of person who ragequits after a loss and says imba this and that, or you just say gg despite you got rekt and watch the replay to learn from your mistakes.
Anyway, I'm really happy that I got back after years, I played a lot of games meanwhile like dota 2 etc. but they are a joke compared to SC. Starcraft is one of the most fair, skill based games if you are playing 1v1. So yes in my opinion it absolutely worth getting back to if you can handle the frustration it can sometimes cause.

I hope you enjoy playing and good luck on your ladder sessions! :)
Play terran, is a no brain class with 0 consequnces if you do something wrong like a marine drop or smth, the mule will compesate it
15/07/2018 14:27Posted by WarPenguin
Play terran, is a no brain class with 0 consequnces if you do something wrong like a marine drop or smth, the mule will compesate it
I see you're obsessed with how "op" terran is. Why don't you play terran then? You could be easily Gm if it's so strong. Also if you understand the game so deeply, why aren't you the part of the balance team? I would LOVE to see the game balanced based on your ideas, I can imagine it would be the peak of SC II.
Actually it is not good for beginners, i struggle in plat/diamond because of:
* abusive master+ level players who mass drop games to lower their mmr to farm in lower leagues = frustration
* ranked vs unranked matchmaking which means than there is absolutely no punishment as master unranked player to drop 30+ games in a row and while still playing unranked be matched with casual player wanting to play ranked - you are destroyed = frustration
* as it became now free to play there is more noobs and also more options for smurf accounts

In general looks like making sc2 free2play was last resort for blizzard to increase shrinking player base. Till then it was filled with HC players, and after short wave of new players it will continue to be like that.

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