Community Update – March 13, 2018

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Hey everyone,

We’ve received a lot of feedback about the changes we announced recently, and we’d like to take an opportunity to address some of them now. But first, though, a quick note about behavior on our forums: we appreciate how passionate and invested you are in StarCraft II’s future, but it’s crucial that we all remain respectful of one another. We all want the same thing—to make StarCraft II as great as it can possibly be. Remember to play nice and play fair.

On that note, let’s switch gears and talk about the changes we’re making to what we originally proposed for the upcoming balance update.

We are still planning to move the Zerg’s Ventral Sacs upgrade to be part of Lair tech. We’ve heard your concerns that Zerg is losing an aggressive early-game option that easily transitions into the mid-game, so rest assured that we’ll be keep a close eye on the results of this change.

As for the Terran changes, we plan on holding off on them for now. It’s clear that some of you are worried that we’re moving too quickly to change things, so perhaps we can shed a bit more light on our design philosophy around these changes.

When we design something new or make a substantial change to how something works, we ask ourselves: “Does this change result in something that’s more interesting and fun than what was there before?” Once the change is in the players’ hands, though, they have a say as well. If players start using a unit or ability in a way we didn’t imagine or intend, it’s on us to keep that new gameplay in mind going forward. We think this is where our current disconnect is.

Our intention with Anti-Armor missile was to create a spell that Terran could use to get an edge over opponents in a direct fight, but that has low to no lethality on its own. Currently, it’s used in the late game primarily for its damage potential. Our worry here is that in the past, area of effect abilities that easily scaled in damage were often seen as unenjoyable to fight against. Thus, we wanted to bring the spell back in line with its original intent, to make it feel truer to its intended role, and eventually move the power it lost elsewhere in the Terran army. This could be in the form of direct late game power. Or perhaps this power could be directed more towards the mid-game, which would allow Terran players to transition more easily or delay an opponent’s transition.

Regarding the changes we proposed for the Vikings, they’re still up for consideration. Initially, we identified the Viking HP change as a frequently requested and “safe” change to help assuage the subsequent late-game power loss, though we realize it doesn’t make up for it completely. Though we’re holding off on it for now, this doesn’t mean it’s off the table.

As always, please let us know what you think and remember that we’re all in this together.
Fix the terran vs toss eco !!!!
FFS !!
Dear Blizzard,

(I m posting the same message that i post on US forum as well)

This change is going to change the dynamics of ZvP drastically. and in a bad way as well.

This affects nothing about ZvZ and ZvT so its purely for Protoss balance whiners request, before all else Blizzard as a firm cannot let balance whiners on forums dictace the form of this game.

On the change, This will allow protoss to relax even more they are too hard to engage and attack into as it is. So now once his wall is up he has nothing to worry about and can que up multiple probes and just focus on the warp prism...
Even just that gives them an unfair advange in terms of "things to do" where as the Zerg player has to chase the warp prism arond with queens thus missed injects, less creep, less production...

And Dropoverlord can also be used as an escape tool in situations like canon contains and proxies that wont allow to workers to move out or take a 3rd.

If this change is going to happen at least Forges require gateways so it will ber Gateway>Forge>Canon production order and that will reduce the chances or a canon contain on the natural and pushing the zerg in as he has no way to break out until lair to dropoverlord or nydus but its way to late as it is and will give the protoss player an uncloseable gap of advantages both in terms of tech and expansions.

This change gives the protoss to get their natural for free and Zergs to be even more afraid of any sort of contain... and limits the early game agression potential greatly.

Please re consider this change and/or at least give protoss a handicap as well, otherwise it will benefit them absurdly.

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