Anniversary UI Skin

StarCraft Remastered

Does anyone know how to access the 20 year anniversary UI skin for remastered ?
I do not seem to be able to find any options that hint towards customization.

Same here. I don't have this UI skin also. We have to wait a little bit more I suppose:)
Argh, I need this skin.

I heard that there is an issue with the reward and they are working on a fix that will patch it in.
Does anyone have an eta on it ?
Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Yesterday we released our commemorative 20th- Anniversary console reward for StarCraft: Remastered.

The feedback thus far from our forum community has been very constructive. We appreciate the support. Over the coming days we will be making some artistic adjustments and providing a snap shot or two for additional evaluation.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported StarCraft for so long.

En Taro StarCraft

constructive as in everyone didn't like it (putting it lightly) and they will probably redo it soon, but it's available under Options ---> Game ---> Console ---> Select the console you want.

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