Community Update – March 6, 2018

StarCraft II General
Hey everyone,

We received feedback that Protoss early game options are currently limited in the Protoss vs. Zerg matchup due to the potential of very early Zergling drop builds. Protoss players were having trouble holding off these early attacks without the help of a Stargate and thus gravitated towards opening with a “safe” Stargate in most games. So as to open up the early game for Protoss players, we’ll looking to change the Overlord’s “Mutate Ventral Sacs” upgrade requirement from Evolution Chamber to Lair.

  • Overlord’s “Mutate Ventral Sacs” upgrade requirement changed from Evolution Chamber to Lair.

Next, we’ve been seeing a lot of games where Anti-Armor Missile spam becomes the determining factor in the late game in all three Terran matchups. The Anti-Armor Missile is intended to combo with core units such as Marines, Marauders, Liberators, and Cyclones—not to be massed purely for damage, as is currently the case. Thus, we’d like to reduce the damage of Anti-Armor missiles to reinforce its intended function.

At the same time, since Terrans are currently relying on the Raven for their late-game power, reducing the Anti-Armor Missile’s damage would help rein that strategy in. We think this would provide a good opportunity to give Terrans a bit more late-game help in the form of a buff to the Viking.

Vikings are often perceived as being weaker in the current metagame than they were before, partially due to recent changes to other races. We’re proposing a health buff, from 125 to 135, which will not only change the unit’s relationship against anti-air ground units and late-game air units, but also against area-of-effect spells commonly used against them, such as Parasitic Bomb and Psionic Storm.

  • Raven’s Anti-Armor missile damage reduced from 30 impact damage with splash fall-off to 5 flat area of effect damage.
  • Viking health increased from 125 to 135.

These changes are currently available in the testing matchmaking queue. After testing, we would like to publish the finalized balance changes to live Versus on Monday 3/19. However, keep in mind that this date is subject to change. As always, thanks for you continued interest and please let us know what you think on the forums or any other community sites.
Finally an overlord drop nerf ! It's about time ! =D

I'm more unsure about Raven's missile's damage. 30/15/7 didn't felt that much compared to a storm for example. I understand the will to reduce the stacked damage but... hey 30 dmg to only 5 ? O_o Whereas it was 100/130 in HotS ? Of course buffed vikings would help against lategame air units, but man, 5 dmg feels really low against 200 HP corruptors. Even considering the armor penalty, it would get mostly useful vs 3-3 units, and not so much against 0-0 unarmored units. Maybe only reducing it to 20/10/5 would be a bit more measured ?
i feel like terran is being very weak right now.
after removal of the mothership core terran has not recover and yet more nerf. don't understand why
Viking Health buff? Great... Phoenixes will have no chance...
Superrior Protoss Fleet... yeah, right... :(
I think everyone expected raven change. I think all mentioned changed are pointing in correct direction but we need more.

Updated raven will clearly be worse unit. From my point of view it will be on similar level as sentry. So make raven cheaper (maybe 50mineral, 100gas) and remove techlab requirement.

To improve terran's late game please wake up and redesign battlecrusers! Reduce attack speed, increase damage per shot and make them shoot while moving (same as Phoenix). With these buffs tactical jump and Yamato cannon need nerf. Make them share cooldown and greatly reduce jump range.

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