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When my internet connection drops for longer than a second or two the game does not seem to be able to reconnect. Happened in multiplayer arcade and ladder games. Using Wi-Fi.
It seems like the game doesn't actually try to reconnect you at all,it never worked even once for me
If you're having connection issues with Starcraft II please work through the troubleshooting steps here.

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Same issues since the last patch.

First of all, there are constant connection issues.

Second of all, when there are such issues, it just waits 8-10 seconds, and drops you without attempting to reconnect.
Same issues here. Getting annoying.

I tried everything all the troubleshooting steps.
I tried all the troubleshooting steps too. It doesn't help at all, the issue seems to be on SC2's end.

I have 0% packet loss and no connection issues with other services whatsoever.

But even if I had, shouldn't the game wait for at least 30-60 seconds before dropping you? Nowadays it doesn't try to reestablish connection at all. 1-2 seconds and you're dropped from the server.

I stopped playing the game tbh because of that. And my MMR dropped by a LOT (lots of drops already).
Same issue here.
Lost like 500 mmr.
Thats so frustrating that for the first time in my life i smashed my screen so strong that i totally broke it after spending 1 hour with my internet provider assistance.
Nothing seems to come from them.
I remember having lil disconnection in the past but i could reconect during the game and dont drop.
Please blizzard fix this, this problem is 100% on your end. telling us to troubleshoot is stalling. the problem has been here for quite some time now, please start taking this serious!
Same issue for me as well. I came back to SC2 and I can't even play. Tried all the troubleshooting steps and switching to google DNS, still does same thing.

Definitely on SC2's end, just doing search trying to resolve my issue this seems to be an on going issue for years now. I found so many threads on this same thing dated all the way back to 2015. The answers given from support is just the same old generic response linking to the same generic troubleshooting steps that hasn't worked for anyone, EVER.
There should be anything like gproxy+++ in WC3.
It did the job perfctly, thou needed more then 60sec sometimes but always worked.

Still i feel like game is not trying to reconnect at all, once there is solid connection loss, not lag, there is no more a chance to get back.
Same here, my connection is perfectly fine, i play other games under 30-50ms and can download up to 25MB/sec. I keep getting insane lag and eventualy disconnect, the game doesn't reconnect at all.

I can 100% say that this is a battlenet issue, the connection issues persist in the client after the game, sometimes it disconnects from bnet completely and i have to restart the game, often it just sits in "initializing mode" and doesn't even let me chat or start any game or browse any custom games. This only happens in SC2, HOTS or Overwatch are just fine.
Fine all year - now i get this on a new PC i built. No issues with my ISP. Other games work and i have NO packet loss between me and my ISP. This means it is a Blizzrad issue.
Same here, fix it already.
They will never fix this, they just tell you to do the stupid "troubleshooting" and then ignore anything you write, the Problem persists now since almost 8 years and they never even ATTEMPTED to fix it, NEVER.
to clarify, i changed multiple times my internet provider and pc over the past 8 years, and the problems where always the same. And nothing in this world could fix it, not even 3rd party programms
having the exact same issue. i get the "attempting to reconnect" pop up and it stays there for 5 minutes. meanwhile i alt tab out of the game and the internet connection is working fine. when i click surrender or get dropped afzer 5-10 minutes it says "waiting for results" in the score screen.
Same problem, all games droping me and take away my mmr... i try versus AI same drop from match.
If you're having connection issues with Starcraft II please work through the troubleshooting steps here.

if so many people have "connection issues" at the same time, what does that tell you?
I'm having this issue as well. Can we get something more than "try the troubleshooting steps"?
02/10/2018 02:48Posted by QuantuM
I'm having this issue as well. Can we get something more than "try the troubleshooting steps"?
I would advise trying those first, QuantuM. Please understand that a connectivity issue can have many different causes and and we need to rule out as many as we can first, before we can explore other options.


Guys, unfortunately, I have to lock this thread now. It was created long time ago and these threads tend to generate a lot of confusion once bumped. Please, run through troubleshooting steps (basic and advanced) advised here and see if the issue persists.

If, as OP, you are all using a wireless connection, please don't forget switching to an optimized wired one - this is a very important step and it can help a lot with disconnections. This step is also covered in the Support Article previously linked. :)

Last but not least, should the issue persist please do not hesitate to open your own threads - just make sure you describe the issue and indicate troubleshooting steps you already tried, this way we can better assist you.
I also recommend including your ptahtping and traceroute tests done right after a disconnection - they can help us to pin-point the issue.

Thank you!

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