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Hi All

35 years old. Played the original starcraft when i was a teenager, loved it, stayed with the series all through the years, but that's it. I'm done.

I've always had a love hate relationship with this game, but tonight all hope died. After an ludicrous losing streak I said to myself if I lose the next game then i'm done, guess what, my team won, but I deleted anyway, you want to know why...
It was boring.

Good games of starcraft 2 are so rare, you have to grind through so much crap to get a decent well balanced game.

Yes, yes, it's a 1 v 1 game, it wasn't designed for team match ups, blah blah you're a noob.

It's boring, the game is boring now. Perhaps the idiots who designed the matchmaking system should have factored in that if someone suffers a series of relentless, demoralising defeats then it might put them off the game, guess what, it has, despite this Pyrrhic victory.

Goodbye dudes.

The Warmaster
Goodbye extremely toxic player, wont miss you at all
Dude, come on! You can do better than Gold tbh, although I will give you that even at Gold it requires some skill to play in this game.... still, Platinum shouldn't be too hard, and with that amount of total games you have, well, you need to play more than that if you really want to succeed!
Who cares Warmaster? You were nobody.
Go play co-op and fuel your desire to win ;)
I suppose the OP has been playing Random Team. The matchmaking system has never worked properly on that gamemode, sadly. For a very simple reason: If you're in Random team, you have to play against fixed teams (buddies, clans) which always puts you at a disadvantage. You have to play with whoever you get allied with, and have to get to know him within a few minutes, while the other guys exactly know each others capabilities beforehand. It just doesn't work. But there's also additional things going on behind the scenes, I think:

I was once stuck on Gold for hundreds of games on Random Team, at which point I also got frustrated. I know that I am much better. After doing this for weeks, I then played 1v1 for like one day and promptly got promoted to Platinum there. With some effort, I might have gone higher. I started a list of my lost games in the Team Gold league and realized that in 80% of the cases, I was clearly playing better than my ally, so he was just dragging me down. 1v1 on Platinum felt a lot better, because I didn't have the constant feeling to be the best player in the match and still lose more than half the matches.

I also got the feeling that everytime I was considered highly ranked in Gold and I needed to have a streak of a couple of wins in order to move to the next league, the system started allying me with especially bad players (the lowest Gold players), maybe because this would mathematically make our team an "average gold team", I don't know. The better I got, the worse my allies. This is of course an effect that doesn't happen if you always play with the same ally: You both will just improve from the practice, none of you will suddenly become worse. Trying to move up a league in Random Team can feel like running against windmills.

Team play can work, but do yourselves a favor and find a regular teammate. Random teams is only fun for a while after which you get frustrated.
35 years ago was 1983. starcraft was released maybe 14 years later.
16/09/2018 21:37Posted by andreasasp
35 years ago was 1983. starcraft was released maybe 14 years later.

Are you a complete cretin?

I am 35 years old, and I therefore played the original starcraft when I was a teenager.
I understand completely what you're saying TheWarmaster. Good games become rarer and rarer, especially if you're stuck in a rather low league because the matching system doesn't work (in Random team) and half your enemies are, let's put it diplomatically, inexperienced players that can't provide an interesting game.

Only when your enemy has brains the game really becomes a blast.

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