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After some discussions with other players and a successful grant application, I am again/still looking for more participants, but I have made some changes. Amongst others, thank you for the suggestions I got on the blizzard forums.

Do you play multiplayer online games, would like to talk about how you play these games, and contribute to research in a new and developing field at the same time?
I (Florian, studying at Victoria University of Wellington) am currently conducting a study on how players play multiplayer online games. I am looking for participants of any game in that category over the age of 16 who would like to take part in interviews or group discussions on this topic.
If you would like to contribute, but do not want to take part in a conversation or simply want to stay anonymous, please see the bottom of this information form for a link to an anonymous free-text survey instead.

The focus of the discussion would be how you use a game of your choice (e.g. what you prefer to do in that game, who you usually interact with, if you watch streams, write guides, etc.; but the main question will be what you think is important to describe how you play the game). This discussion would be held via skype or zoom and is expected to take 30 minutes for an interview, or 45-60 minutes for a group discussion where the other participants would be people you know (e.g. some friends or guild mates you asked to sign up, too) or random other participants, this is up to you. Participation is strictly confidential.

Your help will contribute to the understanding of how games are actually used, which is an important aspect for understanding the various effects games can have.
If you would like more information or want to participate, please fill in the short form (~5 minutes) at http://vuw.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8llbzOIH25Ys4KN (you can also easily find the study when searching for GameUsageStudy under the tab "pages" on facebook and can contact me there, though I am still working on setting that page up properly).

As thank you, you will receive a NZD15 voucher (or nearest local equivalent, e.g. $10 US or 10 Euro) for amazon or steam, depending on your preference.

Thank you, and kind regards,

P.s.: As mentioned above, I understand that not everyone who would like to share their opinion wants to take part in an interview, for various reasons. If you feel this way, I would like to invite you to describe how you use games in this online form (http://vuw.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9FgiLFd7ov27zr7) instead. You can be as detailed or succinct as you would like to, and your participation is anonymous.
P.p.s: As this has come up, I am not affiliated with any third party or game company, this work is only for research/my PhD project (and my interest in the topic).

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