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This may seem like a stupid question but I have read the Wiki page on the Cyclone and it doesn't actually say...

Is it always anti-air or only when the special ability is activated?

I just played a game and in the melee it looked like they were just driving around under the protoss fleet and not actually firing.

Thanks in advance.

Cyclones ability "Lock On" can only be used on flying targets and must be manually used, and the Cyclones can move while this is channeled. Their default attack only hits land units.

Earlier in Legacy of the Void the Cyclones I think could attack ground and air with their basic attack and the "Lock On" was auto casted on anything within range.
Thank you very much.
Makes them actually weak to mass air,since it requires a lot of micro APM to make them attack your air army,and they can't even attack them all :)
07/04/2018 00:22Posted by SoD
l2p low skill noob

Says the unranked / current season Silver player :D
07/04/2018 00:22Posted by SoD
l2p low skill noob

Thats why he ask. To learn. :-D

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