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I just started playing starcraft 2 again after about a year. Started playing some 1v1, last time i played i was gold or something, nothing too fancy. And here i am, rusty after one year of not playing and instantly get matched vs a diamond player who totally decimates me. Really? and the rank i gain after that disaster of a game, is platinum 1? Following games i still get matched vs diamond players who also destroys me. Why am i getting matched with diamond players? I can not enjoy the game playing versus opponents that are way above my skill level, it just feels unfair.
A year ago i enjoyed playing zerg in low to high gold, being matched with similar rank and skill level players. Now it's not fun anymore. Any idea to why the matchmaking system seems so unbalanced? Would appreciate some insight.
after some losses the system will auto calibrate youre rank and mmr and youl be placed in more decent manner
ı play 2v2 all bronze came my alıee balance ????. blızzard say altıme we got balance .. ahhahahhahahahhahah. un balance game and blızard good d alııeee
The answer to all of this is... low population. SC2 ladder especially has been dying for over a year slowly but surely. Casual players have migrated to coop mode pretty much, and the dwindling population on ladder gets worse and worse matches made by the matchmaking because of it. After all if there's no players on your tier queued, eventually the queue will match you with lower tier player. This misfortune leads to bad matches. Random team ladder is mess because of this too, avoid at all costs.

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