Map Rotation for Season 2, 2018

Multiplayer Discussion
A new season means a new map pool! We’ll be adding the following new team maps:
  • 2v2 – Redstorm
  • 3v3 – Stranded Isles
  • 4v4 – Last Impact

We are also adding the following new maps to the 1v1 ladder:

And we will be removing the following maps:
  • Blackpink LE
  • Backwater LE
  • Abiogenesis LE
  • Eastwatch LE
  • Neon Violet Square LE

The final map pool will be:
  • Catalyst LE
  • Acid Plant LE
  • 16-Bit LE
  • Lost and Found LE
  • Dreamcatcher LE
  • Redshift LE
  • Darkness Sanctuary LE

The new maps are available in Custom games starting today. Season 2 will begin on Tuesday, May 15, at which the new map pool will be live on the ladder. Expect a full blog which will expand on each of the new maps at that time.

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