How long do we have to wait for a working Reconnect?

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Hi blizzard! Thank you for a fantastic well balanced game!

Sadly since app was forced into your games we have had a huge problem were ALL other developers succeeded, the Reconnect function. Even the muppets from Bluehole understand how important this is and have fixed a working reconnect for PUBG! so how hard can it be?!! Please Blizzard, you have neglected this for 8 years now (I know you got the function, but it has never really worked...) It's so depressing when you get the "reconnect-virus" for an evening playing ladder.
Don't bother telling me to troubleshoot, cause I won't fall for that bullsh*t... Everyone who had this recurring problem know it's on your side and my guess it's probably the app that prevent from reconnecting. Not admitting your problem and instead concealing it by telling people to troubleshoot (then ignore until topic drops away from page1...) You've done this for 8 years now, I can still find around 250 topics of reconnect-issues on EU-forums alone... This is simply an embarrassing display of mistreatment.
I understand, if this would have been an easy fix it would have been solved by now so just let this post be a reminder that this game isn't working without a proper reconnect! please start taking this issue more seriously.

Reports also say that your other games have simular problems ( I can confirm D3) so all your games should benefit from fixing this issue.


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Imagine if Blizzard put a fraction of their time tinkering with the bunker to the reconnect issue, this problem would have been solved a long time ago... but I admit the bunker works verry good! :)
All blizzard games suffer from the reconnect problem.
Amazing how they've ignored such a major flaw in all their games for so long.
Part of me thinks they've just given up in admission that they can't fix it.

There was a time in Blizzard where bugs like this would be gone within the same week of its discovery... that's how we know Blizzard is not "BLIZZARD" anymore.
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Has anyone even had a success with reconnecting? Or is it never happen?

I just got disconnected during the game, switched off to Battlenet client, "community" tab was offline, i clicked reconnect button there - after 2 sec i was back online. Alt+Tab back to game but nothing happened.
This is really a shame.

In WoT you can alt+f4 the game, then start it again and unless you died you are instantly reconnected to the match. This is the best reconnect implementation i saw.

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