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Reapers are quite good in scouting at start, however they are pretty useless after approx 4th minute. Isn't it bad, that one type of unit is useful only in the beginning (all other units are useful during the whole match)? Their grenades could be useful in some battles, however it seems they need to be more efficient from point of view of making and taking damage.

Suggestion to discuss:
Isn't it possible to buff them by allowing them to use stimpack and combat shields? They wouldn't be as efficient as marines, and this change won't change their combat potential at start, but it would give the chance for players to play several reapers(as alternative aggressive opening for bio style) with keeping in mind the possible usage in middle/late game.

What's your opinion?
Reaper with stim? You out of your mind or what?

Do you understand what you are even saying... the speed they would have? Come on... get serious.

They have their role which they fill, early harass and scouting. They can jump cliffs and heal rapidly out of combat. What else do you want? Them to carry a sige tank on their back that can shoot air, jump cliffs, use stimpack and shoot battle cruisers?
Well, stimpack can for example only up move speed only to the level of hellion.
In other aspects this idea is not that bad in my opinion, because:
1.) Dps of reapers with stimpack will be on the same level as marines have. In any case - pay 50/50 to make reapers instead of marines would be quite uneffective from economical point of view + reapers can't shoot air so oracle/banshee/muta would be even more dangerous, so reapers cannot be core units.
2) You can't easy mass reapers in early game and make stimpack - you would have lack of gas. Possible usage of stimpack would just give you a chance to be sure that if you mass reapers, they won't be that unuseful at least in midgame. So you can use them in battle or in case of harras. Still it is a quesion - what is more effective from economical point of view - drop of hellions/hellbats/marines or reaper gang squad.

I understand reaper's role but as for me it's not what is need for sc2 - unit that is effective only for some minutes. It is the only unit with such role! DT becomes archons, oracles has vision / stasis traps, observers are always useful. Zerg don't have such units at all.

Reapers are too dangerous to mass because they are unneffective.
Band of reapers looks great, but nobody makes it... It really would be nice to see such kind of midgame / lategame harass that is based on clyff jumping (mb reduce speed of cliff jump).
In my huble opinion, stim is good just for marines (other race units do not share any upgrade but atack,armor/shields)

if you want some upgrade for them than it could be
"leap" - allow reapers to jump over any obstacles (wall, units ..)
Dunno man, if you wanna play reaper games and focus on them... go play coop as Han and Horner... Mira focuses on reapers mostly... they can even fly for short amount of time.

What you are asking is if a zerg main asked for lings to be able to jump clifs or to have hive upgrade as baseline.
I think this is a good point, but then , starcraft is a game where the races are totally different. So why not one race with a unit that is just good in ealry game ;)
I doubt that even with stim, reapper and marines overlap too much to justify increades prices and build time to go for reappers.
With dropships, you also don't need reappers to get across all obstacles. Hard to find a reason..
I totally agree with the above, Reapers are a gimmicky special unit, that is best reserved for early scouting and harras! AND they are freaking deadly enough as they are, in the very early game, harrasing your units in mass numbers and killing workers... they can really win the game fast for a Terran, or the team upon which they are.

Btw Yuffie, NICE account! You really got a lot of nice Master badges, especially in 1v1 :O Makes me look bad in comparison, heh. ;)
Look, if you don't want the Reaper unit, i'm sure Protoss would take it off your hands scott free.

to say the reaper is useless is just... well.. stupid... i'm almost certain that if Blizzard announced that they're giving it to another faction everyone would be up in arms about how important a key unit the reaper is for Terran...

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