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Hey guys.

I am sure we noticed we dont have Zerg themed missions or Zerg characters announcing the missions.

For example, in Mist Opportunities we have Stetmann (Terran) announcing the mission, Temple of the Past we have Rohana (Protoss), The Vermillion Problem has Donnie (Terran) and so on.

No room for Zerg characters or missions ? :(
This is discrimination !
For the love of Zerg... PLEASE DO SOMETHING... PRETTY PLEASE ^_^ ?
you realize that zerg even talking in a language we can understand is relatively new right?
it used to be only Kerrigan.
Cerebrates and the Overmind communicated "psi-ly" with people just like the Protoss do.

all other zerg units made either growling noises or nasty fluidy gargling noises that sort of sounded like very angry insectoids.

there's your answer.
oh, i suppose Duran also speaks, but he's simply an infested terran, not an actual zerg.
22/08/2018 19:03Posted by JaGGsaW
Duran also speaks
He is Xel'naga... not zerg...

Queens, Abathur, Overmind... all speak normally... Stukov as well (who is infested)... all infested actually speak...

All primals also speak normally... so we can have Zurvan themed mission... or something like that.
Duran is not Xel'naga, no.

Queens in SC1/broodwar made sounds like a deflating balloon with goo in it, they could NOT talk - the fact the queens in SC2 can talk is new.

Abathur didn't exist in SC1/broodwar.

I already told you how the Overmind communicates, it doesn't actually talk, it simply has so much brainpower that it can psychically invade your mind and "talk" to you.. this is noted somewhere in official lore, if i am not mistaken.

Stukov is part terran, like Kerrigan, so it makes sense that he is able to talk, as does it for the terran infested.

Primals were not a part of SC1 - like i said; the fact they can talk is relatively new.
missiions is not based on starcraft 1 but on starcraft 2.
28/08/2018 22:41Posted by JaGGsaW
Duran is not Xel'naga, no.
Duran, spelled backwards Narud... its the same person... aka Xel'naga.

I suppose the only zerg who can interact with terran and protoss are Kerrigan and Zagara, and both are playable commanders, to it'd be weird to see them star in a coop mission.

Still nothing prevents the devs from making a new zerg character capable of speech, possibly a Queen. They could add in her quotes the fact the she struggles to communicate with other species and/or finds it weird. It would add to the character.

Nothing should prevent the swarm from evolving a creature capable of interaction with other species. Be it a queen, an infested terran, or something else. Besides anything really would be 10 times better than crazy stetmann... They can't do worse than that.

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