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have people met others who for example are in level 1 above casual who clearly shows that they havent played a specific faction before and wants free stuff? then throws a temper tantrum when they cant get it.

played with a lvl 1 abathur who barely have 10% achivements from terran campaign and 0 from zerg campaign. he hadnt even completed umoja yet and went to co-op

think that you still arent allowed to name and shame people? :(
24/08/2018 19:35Posted by ChubbyChaser
think that you still arent allowed to name and shame people?
This is still a thing, to keep the place civilized by avoiding threads like "List of people I wish died in a fire for cannon rushing".

As for the underleveled commander thing, I wish there was a requirement for difficulties unless you queued as a duo. Least requiring level 5 for brutal since thats the free trial caps at to avoid having the forum be flooded with pay gating threads and what be it.
nothing is more annoying that queuing up for brutal co-op and then some lvl 1 pleb gets matched with you.

seriously, those people obviously know they are a handicap, but they don't care.
instant game exit when that happens, no way i am going to risk wasting my time to carry a pleb who will make sure that i have to work overtime.
Lol.... I que from lvl1 on brutal and i see no issue with that. When i play with a high level commander and I get a low level one I also have no problem with it. If the worse happens I can alwas solo the mission. The only problem I see is this happening in hard mutations.
PS. If you know how to play even at lvl1 you are not a handicap...

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