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Hi everyone!

So, it's been confirmed that we'll get some footage of the next Co-Op Commander at Gamescom (Lowko confirmed on his Twitter he's hosting the reveal: )

With that in mind, who do you expect it will be? And how will they run?

I think we have to streams of possibilities:

The current missions clearly take place sometime late into the LOTV campaign (Alarak is openly fighting Amon; Matt is an Admiral in the Dominion fleet; Dehaka and Stukov are involved, etc). Assuming Blizzard want to maintain this continuity, we have a couple of options:

Gabriel Tosh - probably the last viable Terran addition. Canonically, he's still alive, and is seen in the background of a cutscene in HOTS. I imagine he would be on the field, like Nova, but have a lot more options to disable or disrupt enemy forces. He seemed to bring Reapers into WOL so perhaps he could have modified Reapers or Spectres with jump-packs?

Niadra - totally forgotten about since her solo mission in HOTS (ignoring that little comic strip we got). She's an untapped resource and, for me, a potentially good source of another mission pack (Niadra vs Zagara for control of the Swarm in Kerrigan's absence?). As she's been isolated from the Swarm for so long, and a direct creation of Kerrigan as opposed to Abathur, she could have quite a few unique abilities or units. She fairly unbound by what we should normally expect from zerg commanders.

Reasonably, I think that's probably about it. I can't see how Valerian could or should be any different to Matt. Orlan is imprisoned. Stetmann is stuck on Belshir. Ariel Hanson and the colonists are (probably) all dead and never reasonably had any army of their own.

Izsha is Kerrigan's !@#$% and not a Commander herself.

Selendis, at this point in the lore, is under Amon's control. As would be any of the other heroes we met in In Utter Darkness in WOL. Zeratul is dead. Ma'Lash is dead (Alarak wouldn't have the Death Fleet if he wasn't Highlord).

Everyone else is either an announcer for a map (logistically how could Rohana be a Commander and also be the announcer for any missions?).

Lore Who?
If Blizzard decide that Co-Op is just for fun and simply set "against Amon" for context, we open ourselves up to far more possibilities! Namely:

Terran - the obvious one is Tychus, being a Hero Unit himself and/or with access to the Odin, or other Hero-like Mech units (I'm thinking like the way the AI personalities work for Fenix, Tychus could eject from one Mech into another; jumping between Odin or Loki etc).

Perhaps the UED could make a return? Although I like the idea of them coming back with a bang in StarCraft 3, or dealt with in some future mission packs.

Stetmann/Ariel dual Commanders as Scientists? Biologically enhanced infantry and/or access to a variety of zerg and protoss-inspired tech?

At a stretch, perhaps Arcturus could resurface and lead some kind of twisted Moebius Corps with access to some light hybrid tech?

Zerg - the Overmind or some Cerebrates would be the obvious choices here; however, how to make them different to Kerrigan (who largely uses the "original" units) would be quite a challenge, as they're not combative units themselves. Otherwise, I'm struggling?

Protoss - again, endless possibilities here. Tassadar would be really interesting - perhaps a chance to try out the old "Twilight Archon" idea we saw before release (High/Dark Templar fusion), and extended the idea of playing with Light/Dark forces for unique combinations or abilities.

Zeratul would be nice as a Hero, but his kit would probably struggle to set apart from Vorazun. Same with Raszagal.

Then we come back to Selendis, as the main contender. We don't have anyone whose main focus is Protoss Air. I envision fancy carriers and (multiple) Motherships. She could be another dual Commander with Heroes like Mohandar or Urun from In Utter Darkness.

Other - if we're really pushing the boat out, could we expect to see Duran/Narud as a Commander? Otherwise, Xel'Naga Kerrigan with a host of upgraded Zerg (or unique) units? We could get around this by ensuring that players cannot play both Kerrigans at the same time.

So, what are your thoughts?
You make good points.
I was hoping for Niadra and Selendis, (the points you mentioned above).
I also wish Dr. Ariel Hanson would appear, she could have high tech medical facilities that benefit her units and vehicles... which is not a bad idea for a commander.
As for Izsha, she is the announcer of the Zerg characters, but I saw on reddit that there was a suggestion about making Izsha a commander.
Looks like Tychus is next.
I guess it's "lore who?" then!
Give me Admiral DuGalle (UED) and The Overmind and i will be a happy camper.
given that it would be a bit weird to see DuGalle working alongside infested Stukov, there are many other weird combos in the game already, like Alarak + Zagara for example... those aren't exactly BBF's either, so i don't see that as a valid reason not to potentially include DuGalle.

hell, Edmond Duke could be nice too.
they brought Fenix back from death 3 times now, Stukov once... i don't see why this can't be the case for DuGalle and Edmond.

they could even do something exciting with it, like making DuGalle half-cyborg since he supposedly blew his brains out, so heavy medical artificial treatment would be required for him to have survived.

as for Edmond, i don't really know... maybe scratch that.. just give me DuGalle and Overmind.
With the new possibilities in the mechanics Tychus has brought, Niadra has become an even better idea if the developers take her into consideration. Just imagine a Zerg Broodmother who produces units right on the battlefield. Both Protoss and Terral Commanders already call their units right in the fray, so Zerg are a bit imbalanced in that aspect and Niadra, who would be able to birth them right in the midst of battle would be an even more welcome addition. To go with her "parasite" gameplay, the corpser Roaches would go perfectly for her. Other units may include those jumping Banelings for extra power.

P.S. Infestors would be perfect for her as well.
I don't think Co-op specifically follows lore, it has its only little bubble where all things are possible, even the use of dead characters from the Starcraft universe. Based on that, my predictions for the next few commanders are as follows

In order including Tychus which we already know of now

Tychus - Terran
Selendis - Protoss
Niadra - Zerg
Warfield - Terran
Daggoth - Zerg (Stacraft, commanded the Tiamat Brood) - bit of a sketchy one this one but I thought it would be cool regardless
Tassadar - Protoss
Valerian Mengsk for Terran
Horace Warfield for terran
they could be fine too
Oh Tychus!!! Finally!!!!<3

I would love to see a commander not featured in any SC2 campaigns yet. Perhaps someone from the original game/BW, or then an entirely new character!
maybe they will add commanders using the other newly added skins next. think tychus is using the new terran skins so it makes perfect sense.
Would be nice to see the three (still non-existing) hero flyers from Utter Darkness mission: Selendis, Mohandar and Urun. Maybe a mixed commander like H&H or a 4th one (Tassadar) who can call these guys as help from top bar or else. He/she/they would be based on air with added arbiters for example. If that's Tassadar he would be a memory/vision/AI personality like Fenix. Or he could be deployed on the battlefield either in High templar or Carrier form. The units/heroes would benefit from his spirit. Maybe a bit similar way to Dehaka's consume. Gaining abilities through their deeds. For example if Urun(phoenix) kills a corruptor he gains extra vs massive damage. Or with mutalisk, he could damage 3 targets at the same time.
If Selendis to be the commander, she would be an adept basically, but she could be used to sit in a carrier, similar to Tychus and the Odin. She could then call Mohandar and Urun as either top bar abilities or triple hero, similar to Tychus again with timed differences.
About the UED..
We know from SC1 that DuGalle had children. However, I think we don't know their ages. We know SC2 is 4 years after SC1, so maybe the children haven't grown up yet. But if yes, one of them could return with the UED fleet containing Valkyries.

Tosh would be nice and obvious using the units he brought into the army composition in WOL: Reapers, Goliaths and Spectres. And ofc Planetary fortresses, because nobody else has them.

Give me more commanders...
Since Zeratul is out and before him it was Tychus, the next one is going to be zerg commander. I wonder...
were going to get a zerg commander next, they do in order: terran, protoss then zerg, I am hoping for the over-mind

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