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I came here from russian region becouse blizzard dont read forums over there. And Im sorry for my english. Whats going on with MMR, it is totally broken. I have seen a lot of people who got in ML but they play like silver or gold. Yestarday i got around 3100 MMR and Gold 1 from 2 for protos. After that i didnt play! But today its 2977 and it shows that im in gold 2 again. But I DIDNT play and DIDNT lose no one game! How can i lost it? I dont understand! Blizzard when u will fix that? Why a lot of bugs in game since it become free?
As far as I know, the MMR and league placements can be different from region to region. Someone in diamond league tier 1 in the US can be on the same level of gameplay as someone from platinum league tier 3 in europe, for example. MMR is a complicated topic, but it shouldn't be a bug.

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