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There are some significant problems with calling down the Odin currently:

1. Tychus' move speed is actually slower in the Odin than on foot. Since the Heaven's Devils act as a strike squad, you want to keep them together and attack together but because the Odin is clearly in no rush, you'll constantly need to wait for it to catch up or use the medivac to relocate him faster.

2. Barrage is a terrible ability. Tychus apparently needs to fill out a permission slip before using it because the amount of prep time needed before it can fire most certainly means any living target will have left the country before Barrage lands. And it shouldn't be usable only once, it doesn't have a significant impact like Big Red Button does.

3. The Odin's DPS is actually lower against single targets than Tychus' minigun during the late game. if Tychus is fully upgraded and has 4 outlaws, he can deal about 50 damage every 0.18 seconds. The fully upgraded Odin deals 130 damage twice against ground units (300 against structures) every 1.23 seconds. That means Tychus' DPS is roughly 278 while Odin's is 211 against ground units. And that's in optimal conditions. In the heat of combat, while you're using Blaze and/or Nux to deal splash damage, the Odin will often reset its attack animation if its target dies. This means you'll run into the situation where the Odin will constantly be aiming and re-aiming but not fire because your actually useful outlaws are doing the killing for you.

4. And against air units, Christ, it's like you're trying to pepper spray them with deodorant. The absolutely pathetic missile launchers deals 30 (+5 against armored) four times every 2.5 which equates to 48 (56 to armored) DPS against air units. The worst part about this is that rather than using the Odin ground cannons to actually deal significant damage to the Objective structures like the Void Shards and Zenith Stones, the Odin will instead opt to use the air attacks making this is straight detriment to your damage.

There are some benefits to Odin, of course. It deals splash damage, its health and armor means that it will almost never die, its DPS early-mid game is still very strong, Big Red Button is a wonderful ability when you get the upgrade for it, and if Tychus is killed you can use the Odin to revive him without paying a fee. But overall, the Odin is a calldown ability with some disadvantages which a calldown ability should never have. You should feel like a massive metal behemoth crashing down from the heavens and raining down hellfire and death. And while it does fulfill some of those fantasies, it doesn't feel as satisfying as it should.

To improve the Odin:
1. Increase its movement speed to match Tychus' default move speed.
2. Make Barrage activate in a fraction of a second and have a cooldown, not a charge.
3. Remove the missile launchers and make Odin's cannons hit both ground and air. Or buff it until it does more DPS than the cannons with the appropriate damage against structures too.
4. When calling in the Odin, have the impact area kill anything it touches except Heroic units, like Space Station Reallocation. Make it more rewarding to call the Odin in the middle of a fight.
5. Have Tychus Upgrades apply to the Odin so there's no loss in DPS.
6. Big Red Button should be automatically applied at level 15. Not cost 200/200.
Should remove the nuke imo and just make it a force to be regrediere with. I mean it's the ODIN. It's not the Thor or the Loki. It's THE MOTHER FREAKING ODIN!.

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