Friendly-firing in Co-op

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So, Tychus patch gives a long queue, so be it.
BUT some players take pleasure in ruining games by friendly-firing.

I point-finger, because that guy did that several times.

Isn't there some kind of punishment for this kind of behaviour ?

Blizzard Entertainment does not permit naming and shaming on their forums, such acts will risk you losing your posting privilage here. Might want to remove the name to be safe.

As for the players action, that would be griefing indeed. Report it under Abusive Chat as proxy.

Find the respective match in your Match History, right click on the persons name, click Report Player, set the reason to Abusive Chat and correct it that the person is harassing you by attacking your units.
Ok Likkan, I updated.
I did not know this.
I have experienced it as well. one player actually destroyed my base once and had his battlecruiser in my base just to insult me. the best thing you can do is report it through the game's report system. I did just that.

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