Commander Deleveled To Level 5??

Starcraft II Technical Support
StarCraft 2 Free Commanders ( Kerringan / Reynor / Artanis ) capped level.
"you must purchase this commander to continue level up"??
Anyone Know about this??
StarCraft 2 WDYM?
its a bug. although the game claims they should be purchased there is no purchase button. waiting on a blue reply.
I have the same problem
friend i'm playing with rn also lost all progress and cannot progress further, really need a fix on this not the first time it has happened
Same here.
same my artenis and 3 other got to lvl 5 and i my will to keep playing/living just when away
same to me, Artanis and Raynor (was on level 65 or 68)
Same here!!!!! I have Artanis at level 15 plus more advance levels and now is at level 5!!!! WTF
i knew this day was a bit to good to be true
well time to start hanging out with friends and things
i forgot
starcaft was my only firend, then its time to go back to my ex, good old rope hanging there and waiting for me to crawl back
The same here.
I had Kerringan and Reynor at level 15.
Now they are at level 5.
I do not have message "you must purchase this commander to continue level up" but I do not want to level again.
I think that it may be related to playing Tychus.
I do not have this commander but I wanted to try him.
I played with Tychus the last week and I leveled to level 3.
Today I ran the game again. Tychus was selected but for about 1 second the game was showing that Tychus was at mastery level (which is impossible because I hadn't bought him). Then the screen refreshed and Tychus was at correct level 3 but also Kerringan and Reynor were at level 5.
Man, Starcraft2 mostly every EU servers always get these kind of @#!?%* bugs. Man.
I have the same problem as well. All the free commanders have been reset to a lower level.
Same here. Give me back my 350+ lvl
I have the same problem
Do you know if Blizzard knows something?
Same problem for me
i do not have this problem but another player i played with did. i payed for everything and he payed for nothing.
I have the same problem : Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis reset to level 5 !

We are all waiting (and hoping) for a "blue" answer, so PLEASE, do not let us wait too long...
I have the same problem.
I have the same problem.
my level 45 raynor was reset :(

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