Commander Deleveled To Level 5??

Starcraft II Technical Support
I wonder what StarCraft will do about this technical issue.
Any idea?
Same for me. Rayner and Artanis affected, Karax and Fenix not. My profile also seems odd...
I have had my initial non-purchased co-op commanders reverted to level 5, my Alarak and the Horners remain unaffected.
I wonder why they didn't put out any announcement of this, like "we're aware of this issue and are working on it. It is expected to be rectified within X (time)"
¿Why they do not say something? I'm new into this game and I wanted to purchase Alarak, but honestly, I started to play 3 weeks ago and it's full of bugs since I started to play and now this...
Same here, Kerrigan just dropped to level 5 yesterday. The game says it can't be trained "until purchased". Wondering why have not Blizzard still acknowledged this issue?
Same problem with Raynor. I only play this commander and I hope Blizzard is going to fix this mistake. Don't wanna loose all my game time...
Hey, I just played a game with my lvl5 kerrigan, after the game she was back to her original level (+masteries). Try playing a game with your commanders.
It is also fixed for me.
i never had this problem at all. my commanders was on level 15 with the exception of tychus which is not yet on level 15 so he is on the level i got him to. another player i played with played with artanis and he remained on level 5.
StarCraft 2 team has fixed the Co-Op deleveled, guys. Enjoy!!
often when I log in I have inappropriate level on all commanders. I tought it's just a display problem, but when I launched the game with nova "level 2" it was actually level 2, I had features disabled.
I have level over 150.
Game is getting more and more buggy. Shame. Re-starting the game brings my levels back, but still, shame.
i have never experienced it on my account but, people i have played with have. it seems to be present on newer accounts only. my starcraft 2 account goes all the way back to 2010.

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