[Co op] all levels reset

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All co-op hero levels are reset to 5 or below. Sucks big time if you've already unlocked mastery lvl 53 and now are forced to play trash tier heroes...
I had a 6 commanders at master level.
Now my 3 free commanders are at level 5 and I am unable to level up.
Commanders I bought are at master level - no change
I have the same problem.
still same issue after 22 hours. this forum isn't very active it seems. ill go post on the us part of the forums
Same problem here, owned heroes are still max level, while artanis, kerrigan, and raynor are all back to lvl5 :/ also since the update and still no change after multiple restarts
same problem
Artanis, Kerrigan, and Raynor are still level 5
I tried re-start the client and re-install too but both didn't work
....still not fixed(!)
Fixed for me, i recovered all my commanders levels.

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