nerf terran building flyspeed?

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would a nerf to the speed of terran buildings be a way to nerf the constant proxying that we are seeing right now?
It would make it take a little longer to come back to base from far out on the map. Reducing that amount of units that can be produced and make more of a opening for counterattacks. This should not really change that much else in terms of balancing besides basetrades and small delay on swapping between addons.
ideas? counterpoints?
I would say, let speed as is. Just enable other races to do proxy a bit easier. And if you do that then you also need to buff late game terrans.

Proxy is not bad , it is a blessing. It protects the corruption of the game from turtling. Any game, the action of which begins after 5th or 10 th min is basically dead, both as a casual game and as an esport.

Players who think rushing is bad , by proxying or not, are the death curse of any rts. Because if you think about it, it is always about the rush. Beating someone at min 10 instead of 5th, or at min 30th, is always because you "rushed" into better tech, more units or unit placement.
So, it is always about the rush. Most people just don't want to admit it and think it is cheap, when in fact, this is what everyone does from apm, to a boring toss tuttlefest.
Now you can always argue about game vision or radar capacity, which could " negate" some very early rushes, but this is a complex subject that just changes the character of a real time strategy game. Starcraft has always been about achieving map control and awareness with huge amounts of manual work, and giving emphasis on every discrete fight rather than the overall grand plan. This is why it has been proposed to be called real time tactics game. This is not bad, on the contrary it is good ; just a subgenre that contributes to variety, that trains neurokinetic capacity alongside strategic thinking , which the starcraft nation has been calling macro.
28/09/2018 14:42Posted by Prodromos
giving emphasis on every discrete fight rather than the overall grand plan.

It wasn't always this way.
But the emphasis on "terrible, terrible damage"... well that ruined this game.

I mean allowing early aggression is good design. Forcing it is bad design. Especially when Zerg has pretty much none.

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