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How to win the game TvZ please someone can tell me ... it seems unless i am maru it is impossible to win the broken race and their every unit is counterless against terran , the air zerg cannot be countered well, VIKINGS die too fast, weak BC Against the corruptor. Marines die in the second, infestors make it impossible to group vikings , bio etc, no matter what i try to do to end the game fast (reapers ,banshee, drops, hellions,fast push), I can not succeed. It makes no sense to have this broken end that a race is useless against a certain race, to make things worse zerg always bm and i always get out MMR'd by at least 200-300 most zerg unit comps cannot be countered well , i lost alot of games to very bad players that played zerg

being sieges endlessly... cannot expand beyond 2-3 base... 100 % lose to bad players with broken race
You should upload the replay to or other similar web. The pictures you posted where the zerg has all the map against your 3 base at the 25+ minute mark doesnt help much.

Marine-Marauder-Medivac-Tank is good until Broodlords or Vipers are out. I recommend to play Mechanic style if you plan on going to late game often as its easier to play. Bio late game with ghost and liberator is very hard to control.
Plus this is not good place to post it. Go for tactics and strategy subforum. You may get more answers there.

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