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Throm-ka, Stay awhile and listen, Entaro Adun, or simply Hi,

I am conducting a study to find out how multiplayer online games are actually being used, as opposed to how people - the public and researchers, but also developers and players - think they are being used.

All players of all games with a multiplayer online focus (whether you use it that way or not) are invited to participate.

If you could spare about 15-20 minutes, please complete the questionnaire online :-)

Participation is anonymous.

You can access the questionnaire at

For more information on the project, please visit my website (

Your help will be greatly appreciated! :-)

If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, or ideas related to this topic, I would be more than happy to use this forum as platform for the discussion!

Thank you and kind regards, Florian (alias IronWulf)

Florian Flueggen, PhD student in Education at Victoria University of Wellington

This research has been approved by the Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) Human Ethics Committee [application no. 0000025257].

It is not affiliated with any other company or institution besides VUW in any way.

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