Devolution Retribution Achievement Guide

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Given that on the US site, people have thought this achievement to be difficult:

I've decided to write up a quick guide.

1. Find someone willing to leave the game for you.
2. Queue for Lock&Load with your buddy playing Karax.
3. Have him leave right away and macro for him, i.e., get 2 bases.
4. Build a forge and grab the three upgrades for photon cannon, shield battery, and monolith. Meanwhile build up your own forces and take the central control point using a probe from your ally to cap.
5. Fortify the central control point with a few monoliths, cannons and shield batteries. Continue to take and fortify control points until there is only one NEUTRAL point left - it has to be neutral to give you infinite game time.
6. At this point finish any remaining artifact quests and grab the avatar duration upgrade along the way. Now build up defenses near the north and south enemy base. Now every minute or so enemies will periodically spawn from these bases and attack. Use your avatar to devolve them, making sure to keep it alive. Kill the northern units and then run the avatar into the northern base, using devolve one more time. Push in and kill the devolved units, but no buildings. You want the enemy to rebuild so you can destroy units again next time around. Attack waves spawning in the south should be dealt with by your static defenses and/or legion CDs.
7. Rinse and repeat. You have infinite time - your sanity is the limit. Took me 1:30 in game time.
Was thinking the same as for Karax's Scorched Earth achievement.
That's definitely overkill, you can get that one on Void Launch quite easily against Zerg.
Did it on Lock & Load.
Did it on DoN deliberatelly not ending the mission. At night I used my whole army sorrounding avatar while M-moving all the time to avoid destroying buildings in the targeted area. Used sentries to deflect incoming damage as well. At daytime I pulled out and replaced some units. At night I pushed in with Avatar in the middle again. he used his ability 4 or 5 times, then again out. Was repeating this until killed 500 drones that devolved from zombies.

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