I had a dream (team games no fill)

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I had a dream in which i played solo 2v2 as zerg and terran simultaneously (i remember dropping marines while lings and banes protected my base). When i woke up i was thinking a little bit about it and i think it would be amazing to be able to NO FILL queue in team games as for example. zerg or zerg/terran etc.

I think it would be very hard task to handle and the opposite team would see on loading screen that they will face the LONE WOLF so they can harras at multiple locations and use all other strategies to rip that one guy apart, making the game even harder than it ever was.

Also it would bring more activity to team games, since many players would like to try their strength in this uneven fight.

No additional achievments or rewards for playing solo, it would be just an option for hardcore players.

The no fill option would apply for archon/2v2/3v3/4v4/co-op.

What do you guys think about idea like this?

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