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So since the end of the season was dropping tonight me and a friend decided to try and raise our team (2v2) ranks up a division, from Platinum into Diamond. We started with our MMR being 3.3k and being Plat 3, so our rank and mmr felt pretty balanced. In our session we went on a 19 game win streak, beating a variation of Plat, Diamond and Master player teams, with our MMR shooting up to just under 3.7k and the appropriate ranking being Diamond 3. Despite winning all of these games and getting nearly a whole division higher in MMR we didn't raise a single rank, not even to Plat 2. This seems pretty messed up since my friend was also ranked Gold 1, and his MMR is Diamond 3 and he constantly plays vs and beats diamond players without being able to even reach Platinum. Is this some sort of bug or is the ranking system completely messed up. I don't know if it is relevant but we have played over 25 games in the 2v2 season (he also did in 1v1) so I was under the impression that the corresponding ranks would be more accurate. Can anyone help me understand why the SC2 ranking system is so poor.

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