Is this legal?

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I encountered a very strange phenomenon from the zerg player, which blocked my natural with a building though there was no creep.


Is this even legal? I know terrans and protoss have an easy way to block naturals, unlike zerg, but certainly blizzard didn't *intend* to allow this?
Without watching the replay, did he first place an Hatchery, immediately cancel it and placed an structure afterwards? This has been done for years, ive not heard anything from Blizzard condemning exploiting this.

Ive not looked into it but I am fairly certain that it could be easily removed if my modding experience is up to snuff, so if they wanted it gone they wouldve done so as far back as in Wings of Liberty.
Yes, it is that. Though that structure loses health during time, it lasts long enough to force me into a 3rd base location. Perhaps I should start doing the same, in platinum it may still bring a considerable advantage.

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