Can't get into 2v2 Masters while friend could Dia3mmr

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I already reached the needed MMR to get into 2v2 Master league. But it won't promote me into it. Im currently sitting at 4299 MMR and it shows me that it's a Bronze 3 MMR?

At the same time a friend of mine got directly into 2v2 Master after playing ONLY the placement matches with an Diamond 3 MMR of 3510?

What's going on?!
Exactly the same happened to me in 1vs1. I won my match which should´ve promoted me into Masters 3, but instead it first displayed that I´m bronze 3 now. The next day i logged in I was still Diamond 1 but on my profile it displayed that I´m Masters 3 according to the MMR bar. Pretty frustrating not getting promoted after a tough season because of a bug.

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