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Hey guys.
2 days ago I was one win away from getting promoted into Masters 3. I managed to win the game, but now I´m still Diamond 1 with Bronze 3 MMR. After that I waited one day to see if something has changed.
And indeed something has changed. The next day i logged in I was STILL Diamond 1 but with Masters 3 displayed in my MMR. I did not get the animation showing that I was promoted to Masters 3.
At the moment I´m sitting at 4655 MMR which is easily enough for Masters 3 on the EU servers.

Im getting a little worried that they can´t fix it before the season lock and I won´t get the "achieved Masters in 1v1" emblem on my profile.

Is someone else having the same problem as I do ?
There is some sort of MMR or league bug at the moment, I played vs some opponents that had Diamond MMR (3800-3900) and were sporting the silver portrait border.

It seems to be something recent, hopefully with the start of the new ladder season on Nov 20th this will be fixed, hopefully...
Yeah it seems so.
The customer service told me to post my problem here and that they can´t individually help me at the moment until this bug is fixed. I´m just a little worried because this post doesn´t seem to get that much attention and i really would like to know whats wrong with my account. I´ve seen some other players getting promoted in the past 2 days without a problem and I´m stuck here with the right MMR displayed but without getting the promotion :(
The whole ranking system is broken. My mate and myself had a few points to get promoted from dia1 to master. Then we won a match with a sufficient MMR change. So we should get promoted, right?

All that happens is that we see an empty bar in the result screen as if we had lower limit MMR in dia1. And it says that our devision is empty!

Blizzard, please fix this mess.

Maybe my problem has to do something with this as well. I posted in a different topic, that my coop ascension level's achivement is missing, however I reached it.

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