Allow only 1 pause in Co-op match per player

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Intentional game ruining is smth which happens to me rarely but still happens. The problem is there is nothing what can stop this from happening or prevent from happening in future. Player may grief whenever he wants the only thing he gets is "Loss" in his stat and miraculous report which wont affect him anyway.

I wish you could make a complete system for taking care of ruiners where game gonna count teamdamage, afk time and etc. But for now atleast allow only 1 pause for a player per match:

I disagree with only 1 pause for more reasons.

1) Sudden things can happen as happened to me before. The postman came, I had to pause. Then somebody phone called me. Yes, these things come together very rarely, still they can happen.

2) In certain mutations pausing the game and communicating can be really helpful.

3) You can unpause anytime.

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