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The guy is by far my favourite character in Starcraft lore. I love his personality, his design, his voice (because John de Lancie is amazing at everything) and he's the only commander I actually bought and he's the one I play the most. However:

He's so damn weird! Such a contradictory concept. You play as quite possibly the strongest Protoss in the galaxy who's psionic power is absolutely insane. As a Hero Unit he feels great to play, charging about and knocking his foes around like little toys. Really works with the fantasy. And yet... You spend every single game feeding his Ascendants and then one-shotting every enemy unit with those instead while Alarak auto-attacks things. As a player you want to be in control of your hero but it's simply not optimal. The only viable way to play this guy is with a core amount of buffed up Ascendants doing all the work. It doesn't really fit with his lore, that his lackies are stronger than he is and that they do all the work, and as a player he becomes super repetitive after a few games. There's no decision making, no choices or variance. Build Ascendants. Buff Ascendants. Kill everything with Ascendants. Over, and over, and over.

The playstyle is completely one-dimensional, moreso than any other commander. Raynor can go mech/bio/air, Tychus has amazing build customization... Even Fenix can go ground instead of full of carrier spam. Going for a mech army to support the dude (which is the only other build path) and focusing on Overpower costs too much in gas and even then is just vastly worse, and does less damage than 8 or so buffed Ascendants. Spamming their orbs clears entire armies in seconds and their single-target nuke is just too important for bursting down objectives to miss out on - which you do, if you go immortal/colossi.

I have no real proposed solution for the problems he has. As a commander he's fairly strong, and I wouldn't say he needs buffing, but he needs reworking. For a guy that commands the Death Fleet he cannot have any permanent air units. Admittedly the cooldown is a very awesome thing to have but still, maybe Air-Alarak should be an option? He's shown to be pretty devious and dastardly when he has to be, so perhaps introduce Blood Hunters from the campaign? Do some Protoss-Stealth somehow different to Vorazun? I dunno, man. But he needs extra units, viable alternatives to the sole way of playing him now.

Mech is also strong. No need to spam ascendants every single game.
20/11/2018 12:42Posted by AlQaholic
Mech is also strong. No need to spam ascendants every single game.

Sure, you can do it but what's the point? It costs a crippling amount of gas to build your deathball and upgrade it and replenish losses, takes a lot more build up, and you do less damage than the 8 Ascendants who can simply mash orb over the top of the enemy to delete whole armies without taking any damage at all, and instant kill any non-structure objective (which is most of them), and once you got over the initial gas cost you only have to feed them with minerals.

It is a vastly inferior build in every respect. Having to deliberately neuter your own capabilities for the sake of variety or difficulty is indicative of poor design.

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